The Solfium Story

Solfium is a Canadian corporation that was created to accelerate the transition towards sustainability, by giving people an easy way to adopt Solar energy to reduce their carbon footprint, while saving money. According to the International Energy Agency, to achieve CO2 NetZero by 2050, the largest solar park currently in service needs to be replicated, every day for the next 30 years! This is not feasible and is the reason we believe that installing distributed roof-top solar energy systems on every home and business is the best solution. Unfortunately, rapid adoption of distributed solutions is difficult in today’s market because it is complex, inefficient and lacks customer focus. Solfium removes these barriers by reinventing the customer experience through a simple and innovative platform, combined with amazing customer service. With Solfium, the power of the sun is in the palm of your hand!

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Making solar energy adoption easy and accessible for homes and businesses


To be the world’s premier sustainability partner delivering solar energy technology to everyone everywhere

Meet the Team

Andres Friedman
Solar Energy Company Executive Team
Juan Osuna


Solar Energy Company Executive Team
Zach Magnan


Solar Energy Company Executive Team
Elizabeth Espinosa
Adan Hernandez


Doug Jackson
Corporate Controller
Sanjuana Alberto
Operations & Supply Chain
Daniel Núñez Mejía

Business Development Manager

Solar Energy Company Executive Team
Caterina Giglifiore
Governance & Project Management
Omar Ramírez
Installation Coordinator
Pamela Lopez
Sales & Customer Support
Alfonso Escandón
Customer Care
Solar Energy Company Executive Team

Caroline Saito

Marketing & Communications

Meet the Advisory Board

Solar Energy Company Advisory Board

Michael McAdoo

Partner & Director at the Boston Consulting Group

Solar Energy Company Advisory Board

Françoise Lavertu

Co-Founder at South View Studio

Solar Energy Company Advisory Board

Kent Richardson

CEO at Richardson Oliver Insight

Solar Energy Company Advisory Board

Dan Park

CEO at Clutch

Marcelo López Sánchez
Former Secretary of Economic and Sustainable Development (Queretaro)
Maria Jose Treviño
Mexico Country Manager for Acclaim Energy