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Our Industrial Division specializes in projects from 100 kW up to 499 kWac over Factory Rooftops, Carports and terrains for self-consumption.
Featuring: Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Construction, CFE paperwork, Monitoring, Highest End components, Top 5 Tier 1 Equipments, and Solfium Certified Standard.

Solfium’s Operation and Maintenance Policy ensures optimum functionality by offering a Performance Ratio follow-up for up to 20 years.

We offer various types of warranty: Ordinary Maintenance, Extraordinary Maintenance, and Remote Monitoring.

Direct Purchase: Highest Internal Rate of Return (IRR) option, with payback within 2-3 years.

Zero Investment: Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) requires no investment and no operational risks of the project.

Credit: Extends up to 10 years, 100% of total amount

Up to 1 GWh/Year

of Energy Generation


Solar Percentage

500 CO2 TONS

avoided per year

2,500,5000+ Pesos

in CFE Savings
Stats based on one site for a 499 kWac solar project in the Bajio Region.
Our experience in industrial projects allows us to offer the most competitive proposal in terms of Profitability and Reliability of the project in the long term (+ 10 Years). Our quality standard ensures the investor the optimal selection and integration of components andan impeccable electromechanical installation. We ensure the success of the project from its origination, to its operation and maintenance for the next 25 years.
Solar technology allows synchronization with the CFE network in such a way that we can supply low or medium voltage directly connected to any part of the factory without interrupting or varying its electrical supply.

All the energy that is generated is accounted for by the investors of the solar project. When excess energy is generated, CFE accounts it as a credit balance in a virtual “Energy Bank” which is later calculated in the CFE monthly balance CFE. This modality is called “Net Metering”.

We offer Operation and Maintenance policies valid for up to 20 Years in all projects in order to accompany our clients throughout the project. Our staff provides national coverage and expeditious resolution of problems.

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