• Solfium Staff

Strategic alliance with Queretaro's Energy Agency

Updated: Aug 17

Yesterday was a great day for Solfium, but also for Querétaro and definitely a win for the environment. It was the launch of our alliance with The Government of Querétaro and the Agencia de Energía Querétaro to help Querétaro become a state of clean energies.

Our CEO, Andres Friedman, spoke during the event to 200 assistants, including the State Governor Mr. Mauricio Kuri González, as well as Mme. Stéphanie Allard, the Quebec Government Representative in Mexico, about the importance and impact of adopting solar energy.

At Solfium we're excited to work towards our common goal with Queretaro, of installing 125 MW of distributed solar energy in the state in the next 5 years. #environment #sustainability #solarenergy #querétaro #cleanenergy

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