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Puebla's State Energy Agency & Solfium signed an alliance to install 50 MW of solar energy

The signing of the Alliance took place within the framework of the Foro Energético Poblano 2022, which was held on December 1 and 2 at CIEN's facilities in Puebla. The objective is to accelerate the adoption of solar energy in the state in the next 3 years by installing 50 MW of solar energy, with the aim of reducing 740K tons of CO2.

The Director of the Energy Agency, Ermilo Barrera Novelo, explained that "State governments have a lot of responsibility and much to contribute, although energy policies are established at the federal level, we are going to add to this energy policy".

For his part, Solfium's CEO, Andrés Friedman Fernández, explained that Solfium's business model "helps companies decarbonize their value chain by promoting and accelerating the adoption of solar energy among customers, suppliers, employees and other agents of change in the organization." In addition, he noted that, "with this alliance we will support social projects, starting with the Yolojpili Multiple Attention Center that serves 65 students, to whom we will donate a photovoltaic system, with which we intend to reduce by more than 90% the expenses disbursed for electricity."

The event was also attended by the State Secretary of Economy, Olivia Salomón, who concluded that "We cannot think about making the future without creating sustainable development conditions."

In addition to multiple corporate sustainable allies, this is the second alliance that Solfium signs with a state government demonstrating that it is a trusted ally for industries, governments and anyone who wants access to a renewable energy source.

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