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Solfium launches 2nd phase of VIAM's solar project in Aguascalientes

We’re excited to announce that Solfium secured a contract from VIAM Manufacturing, Inc. for the 2nd phase of their solar project, which will nearly triple their power already installed (kilowatt peak). With this new expansion, VIAM will be adding 476 solar panels to their industrial facility in Aguascalientes, which is the equivalent of 200 tons of CO2 avoided and 12,085 trees planted per year.

Solfium is proud to be the preferred choice for corporate customers! VIAM Manufacturing is the #1 global supplier of automotive original equipment (OEM). VIAM designs and manufactures the highest quality carpets, mats, and 3-D molded floor liners with an emphasis on environmental awareness. If you're looking for a solar solution for your industry, check out our page or chat with our expert.

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