Solfium @ The A100 AccelerateAB Rountables

November 9, 2021 – Solfium is honored to have been selected to participate in The A100 AccelerateAB Rountables where we are eager to share perspectives on building and scaling innovative ventures. We look forward to the advice and insight of the accomplished A100 members who have successfully travelled the road to innovation and growth. Learn more about AccelerateAB Rountables at

About AccelerateAB

The annual event brings together leaders, investors, influencers and supporters of Alberta’s technology ecosystem, with the goal of leveraging the success of the next generation of technology entrepreneurs across the province.The event is backed by high-profile and successful leaders in the industry and is powered by the A100, a member-driven group of Alberta’s most noteworthy technology entrepreneurs. AccelerateAB is all about creating collisions between early-stage and late-stage startups, angel investors, venture capitalists, service providers, government agencies, and more, making this THE tech event to attend, year after year.